• Stop harassing phone calls
  • Immediately Stop Garnishments
  • Lift Bank Account Restraints
  • Fight Foreclosure
  • Retake Dispossessed Property
  • Get time to payoff your taxes

JoeFoxLaw represents individual and corporate debtors, in Chapters 7, 11, and 13 as well as  creditors and Creditors’ Committees. Joe Fox has been practicing bankruptcy for over 20 years and keeps current on the latest trends in bankruptcy law. The firm has effectively represented its clients in its special and personable way, leaving no stone unturned or theory not considered.

A full explanation of the complexities and nuances of Bankruptcy and Debtor/Creditor Rights, particularly as it applies to each case, can not be explained in a few sentences. But some key features should be understood. In addition, listed above are some useful links for a more detailed explanation.

Debtor Rights

Bankruptcy is a constitutional right in the United States having been included in the original United States Constitution and has been in our Federal system since 1801. Bankruptcy is a safety valve, to be used by people only when necessary and when all other alternatives have been exhausted. Whether you have lost your job, suffered physical or medical setbacks, or weathering a difficult economy, bankruptcy is available to give the honest debtor immediate relief and a fresh start.

Bankruptcy is not for everybody or for every situation and there may be other methods for dealing with financial difficulties. It is a complicated area of law that is ever changing. JoeFoxLaw can help you try to negotiate a settlement with your creditors and when appropriate, represent you in a bankruptcy case, including litigation within the bankruptcy case.

Bankruptcy Disclaimer

Since we represent people and businesses in bankruptcy cases, we are required by the Bankruptcy Law enacted in 2005 to state the following: *We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code."